Sunday, 9 May 2010

Toaster Troubles

I took another look at the toaster. Max had been right to fetch me from the desert; it was well and truly buggered. Knowing we couldn't go back to the electronics store after Max first insulted then embarrassed himself in front of the Korean workforce, I decided I would try to repair the kitchen appliance. Dragging the broken husk into my basement workshop, which has just appeared from nowhere to meet the requirements of this story, I got to work. Max, watching over my shoulder, offered occasional gasps of shock or fear when appropriate.
 After about 2 hours, we stood back to appreciate my work. Lacking basic electronics skills as I do had made the task somewhat difficult. However, I think I may have accidently made the world's first working time machine. I've already sent Max back in time a week, to steal my toaster from my home before he broke it.
 I wonder what effect all of this will have on the space-time continuum?

1 comment:

Hayley said...

Who cares about space-time continuum... you now have a working toaster and didn't electrocute yourself!

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