About the Author

This is my actual face.
Please, don't laugh.
At least stop pointing.

PD Blanchard is a young person of some sort, like you read about in the papers. He is a danger to society and his insane ramblings should be ignored as far as possible. For instance, Mr. Blanchard often drinks alcoholic beverages. He is also know to own a hooded item of clothing, and has access to a large variety of knifes. Kitchen knives, but the point still stands. If you should see this dangerous individual, do not attempt to approach him. Remove yourself to a safe distance, and alert your local authorities.

So, I may have lied a little. Hello, welcome to the blog, and so on. Everyone's welcome: Old people, midgets, women, Canadians, whatever. So, pull up a seat.

You want some bibliographical information? In my spare time, I like to complain about things I often don't understand, cause fires, and try and find a hairstyle I like. I do not live in a mansion. My dream in life is to become a professional agitator of furry animals, or a failed author, or something. I used to like to read, but I'm too lazy these days. Instead, I often buy books and read synopsis of them on the Internet. I act, and think of myself, as being far more intelligent that I actually am. I'm probably insane, and have a love/hate relationship with bears.

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