Saturday, 29 May 2010

Suddenly, in a blaze of glory...

I return to you! Thank you for waiting, loyal disciples. Or whatever...
 Anyway, my exams are over. Never again shall I learn Scottish History, tourism or metaphysics. Even if I need to learn areas of them again, I won't study them. Well, I'm a student, so it's not like I would have studied them anyway. But this means I'm free for the future, so I should be able to enliven your dull lives with my exciting exploits, and tales of bears. That rhymes. But I digress...
 So, its Summer. For me anyway. It's raining, but what the hell. Theoretically, the three-month break I have now should entail me finding a job. It seems like a good idea, anyway. Unless anyone wants to send me money. Hint, hint...
 But suddenly, I got brilliant news! Jobs, bah! Who needs them, when such brilliant, genuine e-mails as this arrive:

"To Hjkhkh Hkjhkh
LONDON, kjhkh

Are you still at hjkhkh?

You may be eligible to receive upto 71,019 GBP in government money that you would NEVER HAVE TO REPAY.

Complete your application at [a website, obviously]"

Strangely, I don't ever recall living in hjkhkh. But I'm sure it is just lovely there. Anyway, all I need to do know is sit back and wait for my £71,019 to arrive. I may buy a horse, and put a dress on it.


Lauren said...

Ha! I'm still waiting for £71,019 to be transferred into my bank account. Congratulations on finishing your exams.

Paul Blanchard said...

Ah, glad to see others are sharing my good fortune. I hope you gave them all your personal details, to speed up the process!
Thanks, I'm certainly glad they're over!

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