Friday, 14 May 2010

Adventures in time and space, part 2

"We could go and shove Stephen Hawkins!"
 "No." I replied, "That would be in bad taste. Besides, I like the man: remember when he taught you the value of friendship?"
 "Fine." Max replied, "But we've got a time machine, we should really be messing with more physicists."
With that, Max grabbed our time-travelling, Simpsons-inspired toaster and vanished into the either. Reappearing 16 seconds later, he looked incredibly smug.
 "I've given you rabies!" He laughed smugly. Trying to ignore his smugness, I asked how and why.
 "Time travel! And dogs!" He replied smugly. I don't really know how that statement deserved any smugness, it wasn't really and answer.
 I think I might bite him...

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