Thursday, 13 May 2010

Adventures in time and space... Part 1

Following the apparent success of the time machine in scientific tests (Max sticking his hand in it), we have concluded that time travel is both safe and not unsafe. Indeed, over the last hour - at least, the last hour for you - Max and I have travelled to several historical events; the sacking of Rome, Max's failed first marriage to Anne of Cleves, the sacking of Rome again, (where we didn't see ourselves) and our local Woolworths store back before it closed down. These trips have all been a roving success: we even bought a lawn-chair from Woolworths, and a rampaging barbarian from Rome.
 However, my longstanding fear of damaging the space-time continuum appears to have been worth it's longstandingness, as rips in space have appeared across the living room, upsetting the goldfish and scaring my visiting grandmother, who dropped her tea. Determined not to let a drop of tea go unavenged, Max and I have launched war on Space and Time, intent on destroying the tyrannical rule of the laws of physics. We've already given Newton a good kicking...

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