Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Time memorial

"So, how was time travelling then?"
 Ok, an expositional question it's true, but I genuinely asked it. Well, not really, this blog is mainly one big lie. But anyway, in the confines of my fictional mad brain world, I genuinely asked this question. Of Max. Who, for some reason, had been left alone with the time machine.
 "Well," Max replied. "I went to the future. You know Robocop?"
 "Well, it was nothing like that. All their cops were organic, like now. Except a few of them were grown from corn, I think. Organic corn."
 "Oh." I replied.
 "Yea." He continued, "And they gave me these pills. Want one?"
I looked at the for-offered pills. If my street-smarts were to be trusted, they were ecstasy. I wondered if Max had been to the future at all. Noticing the long glance I was taking at the pills, he too looked down.
 "Oh, sorry." He withdrew the pills, "Those are for the cat. Here: these are the ones!"
These pills looked more futuristic, I'll grant you: they were chrome.
 "What do they do?" I asked tentatively.
 "Well, have you ever wanted to have diarrhea and constipation simultaneously?" Max replied.
I took the pills, and hid them in my pocket. Maybe they'll come in useful one day. In all likelihood though, I'll just forget about them...

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