Saturday, 15 May 2010

Adventures in time and space, part 3

Max messed with the time toaster machine thing again. He's gone too far this time, changing the world enormously. Outside, a giant cat is roaming the streets of London, lecturing passers-bye on the Capital Gains tax, and trying to acquire muffins. Vikings, confused by modern technology, have become trapped in Double-Decker buses across the country, and short men are being forced to grow moustaches at an incredible rate. Through all of this, Max sits at my kitchen table, muttering about how all he wanted was a slice of toast. I too want some toast, and feel these time-travel shenanigans have gone on too long.
 At first dawn, I intent to create a paradox and travel back to my basement last week, to destroy my toaster once and for all, and avoid this whole series of events.
 While I'm there though, I'll probably disguise myself and rob Max...

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