Saturday, 8 May 2010

Once again, it's been a few days...

I must apologise for my lack of contact. I'm sorry if anyone got worried and went to look for me in the desert again, but I've been right here all along. Not right here, obviously. This is a box I'm typing in on the Internet, and it doesn't really have a location. Anyway, I've been caught up in the excitement of the General Election. Not only has it been, like all politics, exciting and bear-filled, but I've had my work cut out in other ways. Primarily, explaining the British electoral system to the Mexicans, who still seem to be living with me. Max has had several days of fun regarding the fact we have a hung parliament as well. I am yet to hear one good joke on the subject, I must admit...
 While the overall result was something of a victory for the moderate right, it was nice to see Britain's far right parties get totally demolished. Of particular delight was the BNP's complete failure to gain a seat, and the subsequent loss of all of their local government places. To my foreign readers, I'm hoping the British National Party lack the influence to be know to you. Let's just say they're Nazis, led by a vile little man that looks like a frog poured into a suit.
 In other news, I still have many, many oranges. Would anyone like one?

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