Tuesday, 13 January 2009

"Get someone to help? No way, I don't want to pay 15 quid for some Koreans to get their greasy hands all over my TV and know where I live!"
"Does it make a difference where they're from?" I asked, preparing myself for the worst.
"No... come on, we can do this."
I returned to watching Max attempt to fit a 32" plasma screen into the boot of his Nissan Micra. Slowly, the TV slipped from his hands and fell onto his feet, before exploding into flames. As we appraised the situation, a small crowd of Korean shop assistants gathered to laugh.
"What now?"
"Well..." Max replied, "I suppose it's back to sneaking into family cars with portable DVD players if I want to watch Disney films."
"Fine, but I'm not coming to get you when you end up in Islington."
As long as he didn't end up trying to eat dogs in alleyways again. It wasn't like he couldn't afford a TV.

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