Sunday, 15 August 2010

Why yes, I do want to see an adorable bear with his head stuck in a jar...

Well, there's one! The bear, nicknamed "Jarhead" - presumably because he has a jar on his head and people in Florida aren't very imaginative - apparently stuck his head in the jar while looking for food, but couldn't get back out. My flatmate Steve has a large head, so I can see how this happened.

 The cub had not eaten or drunk anything for more than a week because of the impediment and experts said it was days away from death.

 A team from the FWC stepped in to save the youngster, tranquilising its mother then grabbing the cub and removing the jar.
 "It was a lot easier said than done," the FWC's Mike Orlando said.
 Their plan to get to the cub involved setting traps for the mother bear, but she managed to avoid all of them.
 The family then disappeared soon after and the biologists feared the young animal may have died.
 Two days later a local reported seeing the bears, prompting Mr Orlando and his team to return to the community.
 The FWC said Jarhead put up a good fight but was eventually eased from the plastic prison.
 The cub and its family were later relocated to a less populated area to stop them rummaging through garbage.

Story, picture from Yahoo! News. Itallics copied from Same.
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Ben Tyson said...

Please make sure Lizzie never sees that picture. She'd be squeaking for days...

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