Friday, 27 August 2010

Award! Award! Award!

I'm living the dream! I got this award from the mysterious Homemaker Man over at Musings from the Big Pink. Not visited there before? Well, you should. Or I'll eat you.
 So, I gather what I'm meant to do is write seven things about me that I haven't written before, then pass the award on to some other unsuspecting mug. Here goes:

  1. I'm not really fire retardant. Despite my claims of fireproofyness, I actually burn to death as easily as the next man.
  2. I'm not a great writer. Sorry if you've just arrived here for the first time, seeking Wilde or Tolstoy. Often, I make up words like fireproofyness.
  3. I would like to sing. But I can't. I'm not just saying that out of modesty, I have a terrible voice, and cannot carry a tune.
  4. I'm pregnant. No, not really. That was a lie, and a pretty unimaginative one at that. I apologise.
  5. I enjoy the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger's arms in films. But who doesn't enjoy a good point-and-stare session at Arnie's arm-melons on the silver screen?
  6. I distrust the Spanish. I'm not racist, but I enjoy judging entire groups of people based on where they're from.
  7. I don't like to answer the door or the phone, especially if I'm on my own. I meet too many weird men in public toilets, and I'm scared that they might mind out where I live.

 So now I pass this on, I think. I'll send it to Todd over at Iced Tea and Sarcasm. I hope this doesn't cause constipation. If you've not visited his blog before, why not? Make a day of it, bring me back a present.
Oh, and if you're a new reader who got here from one end of the award spectrum or the other, say hi. Stay a while, eat my food, make me uncomfortable on my own blog. Yum!

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Todd X. said...

Paul, thanks a million! I'm embarrassed and blushing and proud. Or I'm having an allergic attack. Either way, mahalo.

Leeuna said...

Congrats on the loverly award, Paul. And WHO says you aren't a great writer?!!

Cheryl said...

Your acceptance was all I'd dreamed of and more (and that's without ever have been here before). I may just keep hopping around to read how each of you guys is handling this particular award.


Paul Blanchard said...

Thanks very much everyone! Glad you enjoyed the award Todd, thanks Leeuna. Thank you Cheryl, stick around.

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