Friday, 13 August 2010


I'm still elderly. Well, not really. I'm afraid much of this blog is a work of fiction. Sorry if you feel misled. Anyway, I'm old. Max has taken to spending his money on horse racing. Well, on gambling on horse racing. He hasn't bought a racetrack or anything - again, sorry if you feel mislead. It is a maybe-commonly-known-fact that in horse racing parlance, a maiden is a horse that has yet to run a race; it’s not an animal that is still a virgin. I didn't know that, it came up on my screen.
 I don't have anywhere to go with this. Max didn't have sex with a horse or anything. An elderly idiot engaging in sexual acts with animals is not a taboo I'm willing to break just yet.
 I wrote an article about horses in Red Dead Redemption on Bukisa one day. Don't care for video games? Then don't feel pressured to click the link to the site. Incidentally, Bukisa pays me $10 for every thousand visitors I get. Or something like that. Just saying. There's a link to sign up in the top left of this page. Go on, do it, let me syphon your profits so I can buy a yogurt-filled swimming pool.
 Yea, as I was saying... I don't mind horses, so with interest I spotted an advert on the scourge of youth, Facebook, earlier: design your own horse. Unfortunately, it was for a game. I had hoped for genetic engineering.

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