Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A Poem

Last night, rain poured onto the streets.
A lone seagull cried in the distance, his echo adapted by the nearby birds.
Filling the streets, consuming the night air, the cries continue.
The word is spread.
But then, a hero. A man for silence steps into the sound.
Drunkenly, sprawling upright. He cries out for silence.
The gulls answer him nought.
"Cawww!" He yells. He jumps and stamps and squeals.
Imitating his out-loud oppressors.
"Caww!" "UuuWW! UwwwwWWH!"
He calls out. "How'd you like that? Annoying, isn't it?"
But they answer not.
He stumbles home. Silence reigns.
For tonight, victory is his. That will keep him dry.
A Black-headed Gull in St James's Park, London...Image via Wikipedia

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