Monday, 9 August 2010

I blinked

In front of me, the TV blared. What was happening? There was something I... had to remember. Were the grand-kids visiting today? No, of course not, I had no grand-kids. It never happened for me, the whole kids thing. My life had blurred past, and the specters of youth haunted me. No specters of middle-age though, strange. Must not remember it, I suppose. Getting old. Keep having a dream, that I'm still a young man, that I'm trapped in this body. But it's only a dream.

 Next to me, Max tried to eat a peanut. Poor Max, known him all my life. He's never been able to eat a peanut.
 Around me, life continues in the home. Well, a sort of life anyway. A life less ordinary, more slow and pee-scented.
 Something I had to do. Can't remember what, can't remember a lot of things. Maybe it'll come to me later, often does. After my programmes.
 Something I had to do...

1 comment:

Homemaker Man said...

Probably you had to pee.

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