Thursday, 19 August 2010

Monkeys Come From Eggs

Yea, they do. I mean, I know it's obvious - after all, sea monkeys clearly come from eggs, so it follows that their land equivalents would do the same. But I got a picture, just to be safe. This picture can be considered irrefutable proof for 3 reasons:
  •  The picture is clearly unedited. It is real, not some computer-generated piece of art. It is certainly not two minutes work in MS paint and Gimp by an untalented student.
  • It clearly shows a monkey emerging from an egg. The monkey is even clutching onto an unfeasibly large part of the eggshell. As we know, whenever something is pictured in something else, it has been born there.
  • Lastly, the egg is clearly labeled "Evil Monkey Egg". Nature, being meticulous in her labeling and filling, would surely not lie to us.
Thus, there you have it. Undeniable, scientific proof that monkeys come from eggs...
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