Friday, 20 August 2010

Financial Friday...

So, I've decided to launch a new feature every Friday. Compiling all the stocks and shares news from the week, I'll compile an in-depth and - above all else - boring document highlighting the financial week.
 Well, I thought I could do that. The I decided instead to just spend the money on HOVERCARS!

For only "£324,000.00 why not advance order the Moller skycar M400?

Bit pricey? How about the ParaJet Automotive? A bargain at only £50,000.

And if that's also out of your price range, why not opt for an old favourite?

Yes, there are probably more hovercars, flying cars and stupid hats out there for sale, but I was too lazy to keep googling. Yes, I'm that lazy.
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Lauren said...

I'd like a hovercar. But I guess I'd have to park it on my roof or in a tree. Then I'd have to get a second hovercar to get to the first one.

Paul Blanchard said...

It does seem like that's the only solution. Who knew buying a futuristic, flying car that hasn't been fully made yet could be so expensive... :)

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