Thursday, 4 March 2010

I took another look at the bone. Bones, I'll be honest, are not something I generally look at. Well, not human bones. Not human bones protruding from someone's elbow.
 "Run it past me again."
 "Well," Max began, "I was trying to fix the lamp. There were some bears, I think."
Max always said there were bears, and there seldom were. Frankly, as you regulars will know, I'd grown weary of Max's stupid antics long ago. I know that he's necessary - the comic sidekick; the light relief in this otherwise serious and depressing read - but for several days, I'd been trying to kill him. Not seriously, it was more like a cry for help. Mainly, I'd been putting bees in his house - I'd filled a wardrobe in his spare room with them, and hidden some in his favourite cereal. So far, I'd had little success. Apparently, bees can't survive well in the cold, and Max's heating had broken the other day. But I digress...
 "Well, let's have a look then."
I took a look at his arm... Slowly, an idea formed.
 "It needs an X-ray, I think. You know on t.v, when someone gets an electric shock?" (Max nodded that he did indeed know of this.) "Well, we can do the same thing with a toaster. That'll let us get a look at that bone."
Max nodded enthusiastically, and headed off to wash his hands and get a knife. I smiled diabolically to myself.

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