Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Green Dawn

"Go on, you'll like it."
 It was growing late when I first met the men before me. Huddled for warmth around the barrel, their faces illuminated in the green glow, they addressed me like MacBeth's three witches. Without witch talk, of course. And now, they were gathered around me, their leader holding out a spoon.
 "Go on." He said again. The green waste on the spoon glittered as a streetlight flickered on and off, and I caught sight of tenticles under sleeve.
 "Yes, you'll like it." Crowed the second.
 "Be like us." The third said, the words rasping from his beak
I took another look at the spoon. Of course, eating nuclear waste has many benefits, but I don't regret my choice. Shoving the mutant leader, I ran home. Behind me, I could hear them chase me in their mutant truck, eventually giving up when they found a midget to feed their radioactive soup to.

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