Monday, 22 March 2010

Humour doesn't translate well to stereotypical cavemen situations.

There was a loud thud at my cave entrance. With growing caveman fear, I went to draw back the tigerskin door, and see who it was.
 At the door stood two cavemen, dressed in well-sewn tigerskin. Each carried a large, flat stone.
 "Hello. We here to tell you about Sun God." Said the first.
 "Yes." Said the second, "he make sun work."
 "We see you busy," resumed the first. "So we leave you slab to look at. Slab blank, writing not invented yet"
I took the slab, and politely closed the tigerskin door. This, I reflected, was stupid. Early society didn't function like this at all, and I'm sure that early religion was nothing like how I portrayed it. I'm very sorry to any lovers of ancient history out there.
 On the bright side, at least I didn't have dinosaurs interacting with humans. That only happens on TV, or at Loch Ness...


Ben Tyson said...

I think you'll find that the animal you are referring to (the Loch Ness Monster), if it were to exist in the form most commonly believed today, would NOT be a dinosaur. This form is the plesiosaur which was a reptile that happened to live during the same period as dinosaurs. I would appreciate, and expect, better research in the future Mr. Blanchard.

Paul Blanchard said...

Sorry Sir. Dog ate my research notes Sir...

Homemaker Man said...

Hello. Me lost Pen. You find? Thats ok. Pen not invented yet either.

this post reminded me of Mel Brooks

Lauren said...

Very Flintstones, interacting with dinosaurs. Hey. Believe it or not. I've awarded you the Happy 101 Award. Kind of ironic I know. But I love dark writing.

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