Friday, 15 January 2010

The saga continues

Now that I'd gotten that damnable wall down, I began the process of tidying up. Max was, as usual, being unhelpful.
 "Hey," I called out, as I filled a wheelbarrow with bricks, "Did'ya hear about that women who married part of the Berlin Wall."
 "Yea," Max replied, daintily picking up a brick from the top of the pile, "What's that called again?"
 "Objectum-sexuality, I think. Something like that." I called back.
 "Sounds right," He called back. "I've got that you know... I like women"
I sighed. I mean, really. I didn't even know why I was friends with Max - I mean, he's fictional, for one thing. Still, no point bringing that up until he'd helped me clean up the garden. I needed the bricks... I was going to dam up the Sea... I'll teach Neptune to fuck with me!

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