Thursday, 28 January 2010

Clown River

Good news, gentle yet impoverished reader - I have a money-making opportunity for all of you! And this time, you don't even need a saddle. You see, I've set my heart on a river, full of clowns. Like usual, there's no reason for my crazy idea - I just want to sing Clown River, to the tune of... Moon River, unsurprisingly. Anyway, I can promise that you will be well rewarded. The first person to construct me a Clown River shall be paid far more than anyone has ever been paid before for building a Clown River.

I may need serious help...


Rick said...

I'd be happy to build you a Clown River. And I did!
Good luck and keep those dog ears open.
very best,

Paul Blanchard said...

Ooh, nice stuff there :)
Thanks for dropping by, very best to you too,

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