Saturday, 9 January 2010

Cold snaps, Sugar-snap peas, it's all the same.

They say it's cold outside, in the real world. I don't like the real world, so I stay inside. And of course, my inside is inside a bigger inside. Do I intrigue you? Well, I'll go on regardless, you're powerless to stop me. They say it's cold... I hear them saying it, standing near my windows, pretending they're not watching me... Pretending they're just here to get some frozen peas or a quiche... But I know better... They don't hate the cold outside-outside, they RELISH it... Gives them something to talk about... So they want in... "Excuse me", They say, "I'll just reach past you... Want some sweetcorn for our Gregor."... But they're not getting into my freezer... No, no they're not.... And you can't make me leave... Not you, not your mother, not the supermarket security... I'm not leaving

To tell the truth, I've been living in the frozen Isle in Tesco since 2004. I couldn't pay for some bags of ice, and had a breakdown. Shame on you for laughing. Shame!

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