Monday, 15 June 2009

True Romance

"So what if I only met her when she tried to steal my wallet?" I cried. "She'd fallen on hard times."
"And she might not long be out of jail - but we all make mistakes"
I watched the figure opposite me closely, studying his face.
"And she has prospects! In today's world, people need entertainment - and a filthy crack-whore is the first place they'll look!"
Father did not look impressed. His barely-concealed rage had turned his face a strange shade of crimson, and veins I didn't know people had were bulging below his eyebrows.
"Oh." I added, "Did I mention I'm rich?"
With that, his anger dissipated like ice-cream in the oven. Arms open wide, he smiled broadly;
"You can marry my daughter! Welcome to the family!"

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