Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Christmas is coming early... Not really.

I'm thinking about creating a supermarket-style shop and opening it at Christmas. I get why no-one else does - It seems unfair to those who do celebrate it, and its nice to have a day that's about peace and love for one another, even if it is often overtaken by crass commercialism. It may also be illegal, I dunno.
However, there could be a profit (prophet, get it... ho...ho...ho...) in it. Last minute flowers, food you've ran out of just before the family arrives, cheap generic toys for your cousin's husband's kids from his first marriage you forgot about that'll be at your house later for Turkey. And so on.

Then, I worried about upsetting Jesus, and the big man himself. After all, it's his birthday, and his father is a very influential person in some parts. Of course, it would be unfair to ruin his birthday - as we all know, the shops are closed because JC likes to partake in a bit of Supermarket Sweep for his Birthday, and who are we to ruin it for him?

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