Monday, 8 June 2009

"a sad moment in British politics"

These were the words used by Health Secretary Andy Burnham use to describe the British National party's victory tonight. The BNP has seized one of six seats in the Yorkshire and Humber region after receiving 120,139 votes. Andrew Brons, a former lecturer, won a seat on the European parliament, for the first time in the history of the BNP.

Unsurprisingly, the event has been greeted with widespread outrage. Even before the announcement, anti-BNP protesters stopped party leader Nick Griffin from entering the Euro election count in Manchester. Waving placards and surrounding a car Mr. Griffin is thought to have been in, they forced the BNP leader to sneak in the back entrance.

Griffin - a holocaust denier who was convicted of inciting racial hatred in 1998 - Stated that "It's outrageous what the left Labour Party are doing”, and threw in his support for Brons. He continued, saying: "We're here to look after our people because no one else is."
He also stated "This is ordinary decent people in Yorkshire kicking back against racism, because racism in this country is now directed overwhelmingly against people who look like me." Presumably, he is referring to British-born whites, and not taking a stand in favour of short, fat ugly men.

Andrew Brons is certainly right about some things though. After the count, he stated: "The onslaught against us has been more than against any other party in recent times, [here’s where he starts to show some failings] but somehow we've overcome it. Despite the lies, despite the money, despite the misrepresentation, we've been able to win through."
Until last year, Brons was a politics and government teacher at Harrogate College. His capabilities as a worthy representative for our country in Europe can be demonstrated by his political past- in the 1970s, he stood for the National Front in 5 elections, and also briefly lead the party. This respectable past should show how opposed he is to the ideas of fascism and white supremacy.

The European Parliament has two meeting places. These are the Louise Weiss building in Strasbourg, France - the official seat - and the Espace Léopold complex in Brussels, Belgium. I suppose it's ironic that we've just been commemorating D-day, where the last lot of fascists to take up residence in France and Belgium were shown the door.

A picture of a BNP member on the Daily Mail website (here) raises further concern – I’m pretty certain I own the same suit.
I don't often go on the Daily Mail website, but I was interested to see what they said. You know a party's bad when even the Mail claims they're fascist...

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