Monday, 6 December 2010

When fetishes go wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong...

Panda conservation: Researchers dressed in panda costumes check the body temperature of a cub
Cunning Panda thieves in disguise. Image via The Guardian

Well, ok. This isn't some bizarre furries thing. It's actually panda researchers trying to get Pandas accustom to a human-free environment. But seriously, one could do some kinky stuff with those costumes.
 And If I catch any of you doing such a thing, I won't be happy.

Pandas are pretty cool really, but also, very shit. It is an unfortunate fact of nature.


Doug Stephens said...

"Very shit," you say. Could you please expand upon the nature of the shit? Is it because they shit a lot? Their shit has a strange odor (I guess strange for shit would be flower-scented)? They themselves smell like shit? Shit for brains?

Or is this just some hep slang I don't know? Please help.

I have a feeling this comment is itself very shit. Sorry about that. I feel pretty shitty about it.

Paul Blanchard said...

I'm scared, please don't hurt me...

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