Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Stupid, stupid animals.

A collage depicting animal diversity using a f...
These animals all have beliefs
they will kill for... You've been warned.
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The rain falls down, on me, on the town, on the several factions of animals gathered in various corners and openings, facing each other, branding weapons and waving banners. Stupid, humdrum town, monotony only broken by the occasional struggle between animal factions.

  To be honest, I regretted the day the Town Council had agreed a grant to teach political ideology to animals. Indeed, everyone had been a lot happier before hand - the animals, ignorant as they were (except the dolphins) had been happy in their ignorance, the townsfolk had been worry-free, and I, I had had one less ridiculous enemy to fear.

  Max had rescued me from the Nazi Kangaroos. I didn't know what Kangaroos were doing here, and Max arriving in tights and a string vest had done little to alleviate my perplexed condition. He didn't really understand costumes, you see. Anyway, now battle-lines were drawn - the Kangaroos and Koalas formed the largest groups, but anarchist bears, neoconservative bees and Maoist tortoises were arming themselves at the sidelines. Near me, showing a deep misunderstanding of their ideology, a group of pacifist kittens set up a machine-gun post.

  This was going to be messy.
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