Monday, 13 December 2010

Animal radicalism

Cover of "American History X [Blu-ray]"
Now Imagine this, but with some Kangaroos...  American History X [Blu-ray]
I had run as fast as my little legs would carry me. Fortunately, the legs of the Koalas were significantly shorter, so I managed to quickly put some distance between myself and themselves. That was as far as my luck held out.

 My new captors looked at me distastefully. Tall, ridiculous, hunched over, they studied me with an air of disinterest. Their leader reclined on his throne, an armchair faded in the sunlight. Around us, a warehouse of some sorts, full of discarded packing crates and ancient straw. At tables, my Kangaroo captors prepared their weapons. The leader, Swastika tattooed on his chest like Edward Norton (In American History X. Edward Norton isn't a Nazi in general. I hope) glared down at me, slowly thumping a mace into his paw.

This was getting ridiculous now. To be captured by one group of politically-minded, radical animals is one thing, but to be held by extremist critters at both ends of the spectrum is just unlikely.
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1 comment:

Lauren said...

I hope you escape the Kangaroo court.

I've been dealing with extremist critters lately - my dogs. I know they're plotting against me. They've been arranging their bones in ancient hieroglyphic writing on the kitchen floor.

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