Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Richard Nixon mask in a Portland, Oregon antiq... I'll admit, Max's idea wasn't half-bad. He was going to be a superhero, you see. Normally, of course, I'd say that Max's idea was half-bad, perhaps even whole-bad. Deliciously, full-fat badness. But today, I found Max's ideas about costumed vigilantism to be refreshing.

 Mainly because I'd been somewhat perturbed to find him sitting in my kitchen in tights and a Richard Nixon mask. Nothing else. Said he needed help with the costume. I guided him towards clothing

Anyway, after a few hours stapling shirts around his body - he'd fixed the mask to his face with cement, to keep his identity hidden - Max set off to fight whatever crime occurs in the mid-afternoon. I went to watch TV. With any luck, he'll get badly hurt. But in reality, he'll probably just kidnap another crossing-guard. I don't know why, I think he finds children crossing roads safely to be an injustice.

Max's moral compass is somewhat skewed. Or, to use a technical term, it's fucked.
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