Sunday, 5 September 2010

Nazi Germany destroyed: : Flag of the USSR ove...This picture is irrelevant. Image via WikipediaMax and I surveyed the boxes. They were numerous in number, and sizable in size, blocking out the sun and moon in equal measures.
 "What's in them?" Max hesitantly asked.
 "Dunno," I replied, "Bedroom furniture, I think."
I looked at the boxes. I knew that it wouldn't be anything that easy - if a normal person received a large number of unexpected packages, it seemed likely it would be furniture delivered to the wrong address. If I received a large number of unexpected packages, they would probably be full of Nazis or baby dragons.
 Preparing for both eventualities, I propped a shotgun against the doorframe, and walked to the nearest box. Max followed, crowbar in hand.

An hour-and-a-half later, we finished assembling the furniture. It was rather nice, and spruced up the house superbly. Then we had some tea.
 We had a really nice day.
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