Monday, 6 September 2010

Shelves, shelves everywhere and not a book to put on them.

Korean (Cat) FoodImage by Taekwonweirdo via Flickr "No. No, that's... That's not it."
 Max, hammer in hand and nails held in mouth, looked up from my bedside furniture. I refer to it simply as bedside furniture because we weren't sure what it actually was. It was attached to the side of the bed though, hence the name. Shelves reached up for three levels, large enough to hold books. Then... The oven. Somehow, during the construction process, we'd inadvertently attached the oven to the gas pipe and electrics. It worked fully. It was just 4 foot up the wall, above three shelves. On top of that, a sink. The sink also worked. We didn't know how, or where the pipes went. But it worked properly, without filling the oven with water or anything.
 I took another look at the instructions. Clearly, they were misprinted - not only did the font and layout change 6 times, as if the pages from different instruction manuals had been stuck together, but 2 pages in Korean were clearly advertising cat food. Just in case though, Max had balanced a can of the stuff on the second shelf..
 Frankly, I was disappointed. Regular readers would have noticed the rest of the furniture being assembled without incident yesterday, and I'd hoped for a similar outcome today. But no - I was stuck with a device that could wash,dry and feed books.

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