Sunday, 12 September 2010

The furniture is still here.

London dungeon
The London Dungeon. A type of dungeon. Image via Wikipedia
In fact, two delivery men arrived the other day to ask for it back. We know it's been wrongly delivered, they said, so can we have it back? They were straight to the point, and I admired that. I still locked them in my new, flat-pack dungeon though.
 The police came yesterday. They said they already had to ask about some furniture, and that also, two men from a delivery company had gone missing and had last been seen approaching my address, had I seen them? I said yes, they're in the dungeon. When the police went to look, I locked them in as well.
 The dungeon is only made of balsa wood and glue, so I doubt I can hold them for very long...
 Actually, I haven't fed them yet. They'll probably eat their way out. Don't know about the delivery men though, didn't seem to speak much English. I'm not sure if they even know they've been taken prisoner. They keep smiling, maybe they think it's some sort of kinky dungeon.
 The mistake I probably made was to hire those scantily-clad women to serve them drinks.
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