Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A request.

Port of Callao, Peru. Photographed by James J....Peru. Image via WikipediaI've recently had a request from my friend (and one of my untalented writing partners from Weeding out the Idiots) Ben Tyson, asking for the return of Mr. Potato. Mr. Potato, as you will all remember, was a living potato with an irrational hatred of the Peruvian people. Ben, being a racist himself, obviously found the character appealing. As such, Mr. Potato will be returning soon. However, I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask if anyone had any requests for stories?
 Perhaps it's your life dream to see Max get into a tricky situation over a £5 note, or to see me become a cyborg, half-human and half-blender. Further, want to write a guest post? Let me know. Hate me? Drop me some hate mail, the more abusive and anti-semitic, the better.
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Mr. Shife said...

No requests here since this is my first visit here. But Mr. Potato sounds very interesting and I look forward to reading more about him.

Paul Blanchard said...

Thanks, welcome to the blog. Yea, Mr. Potato sounds interesting. Unfortunately, in real life, he's just a very unpleasant foodstuff.

Lauren said...

Are you going to practice tolerance by writing about a Mr. Sweet Potato?

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