Thursday, 18 February 2010

I solemnly answered the door.

Outside, a pair of men: slightly hunched over, with nervous smiles on their faces. Of course, these smiles were obscured by huge fake beards. You see, they were both dressed as Santa. I probably should have told you that earlier. Bah, who cares?
 I scanned their hands quickly - nope, no Bibles. This wasn't going to be like last month, when two Religious callers sneaked into my house disguised as my parents, anyway.
 "Can I help you?"
 "Well, we're here with presents. We're Santa, you see." Said the first
 "Santa." Replied the second, nodding hopefully.
Deciding nothing hilarious would happen if I didn't let them into my house, I invited the two Santas inside. I made them both a cup of tea, and they drank it silently. After a few minutes, they thanked me and left.
 To this day, I have no idea why they visited. I did notice they stole a lot of coal from my fireplace though. Thieving jolly bastards.

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