Monday, 22 February 2010

Feel the burn...

Stuart Stewart popularized the exhortation "feel the burn", (According to wikipedia) which works along the no pain, no gain theme. The burn, of course, refers to being able to feel your muscles working, thus proving your exercise is working. Of course, I wanted to do a joke about fire and exercise, but worried I would be taken seriously. That is, you would assume I really though self-immolation was a good way to keep in shape. There, I've ruined any form of humour that could have arisen from this situation. Are you happy? Because you've ruined this for me.
 Inconsiderate bastards, all of you.

Please keep reading. There'll be tea and cake.

(Ha, the title looks like "feel the bum"... I'm so mature...)


Homemaker Man said...

I stopped reading after the title. Why would I want to feel your bum?

Paul Blanchard said...

Because you're kinky like that?

Lauren said...

Ha! Someone needs a new pair of glasses.

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