Sunday, 4 January 2009

"Tim? Oh, i remember him. What was that hobby he used to have?" Max asked from the passenger seat.
"Well..." I replied, "He used to stick a hollow cucumber skin over his penis and hide in the vegetable isle in Tesco. It was unfortunate really. Cucumber are a fruit, for one thing.
"And remember his shrunken head collection? 'They're just potatoes', you'd say - just little potatoes, sure he's drawn a face on that one, and stuck googly eyes and some straw on another - But you were certain they were potatoes. And that was fine, up until you cut one up and tried to put butter in it. Then everyone needed counselling!"
"Yes... true." Replied Max, "So he's Archbishop of Canterbury now?"
"No." I sighed. "He's in jail, apparently he molested a goat. On it's Birthday. There's a difference, I understand."

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