Thursday, 15 January 2009

My task for the year

Inspired by Dave Gorman's "Are you Dave Gorman?" by Dave Gorman - in which Dave Gorman finds other people called Dave Gorman - and my friend Craig Forbes' English talk in 3rd year - where he talked about other people called Craig Forbes - I've decided to find out about some other Paul Blanchards. Should any be rich, I've decided to impersonate them.

I've often found that a problem with impersonating people is being 'caught out' when you are referred to by your persona. For example, I recently tried to stay in a B&B for free by impersonating Christian Bale. Unfortunately, as I was going up the stairs to my room, the receptionist addressed me as "Mr Bale" several times, and my lack of response and eventual confusion when she caught up with me - coupled by the fact I'm a short fat guy and don't look like Christian Bale - led to me being identified as a fraud.

So, I should be able to avoid this pitfall by impersonating people with the same name as me. This, coupled with charisma and confidence, should cover my probable lack of similarities to my new alter-ego.

So, let's look at the contestants:

First up is Paul Blanchard, seen here receiving an award from PETA:

Paul is a Labour councillor for York, and lives with his wife Heather and dog Sweep. He seems a nice enough chap from his website: In favour of an appointed monarchy, and a secular humanist, and supporter of Dying with Dignity - all ideas I agree with, so impersonating him on an ideological idea might not be so hard. However, I imagine his wife and dog may see through my disguise. However, a strong contender.
Find out more at:

The next potential impersonee, found using a google search, is Paul Blanchard. Paul is unfortunately me, as the next link is my Bebo page. Paul is also a strong contender, as I would have to do very little to impersonate him. However, it rather takes the point out of the process.

3rd is Paul Blanchard. Paul is an expert in intellectual property law, with an emphasis on trade mark counselling and litigation, product labelling and advertising, technology transfers and licensing, food and drug regulations, access to information, and trade secrets. He became a registered Trade Mark Agent in 1980. He lives in Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, Paul does not seem a strong contender - I have no legal experience, and don't live in Canada. However, I wish him good luck in the contest. Find out more at:

So, without further ado, it's time to announce the winner, whom I will impersonate from this day onwards. And that winner is... Paul Blanchard! Commiserations to our other contestants, Paul and Paul, and good luck in future!

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