Sunday, 4 December 2011


 It's cold in this cave.
 I'm in a cave, you understand, in the cold. The snow, in fact. I've been travelling up hills in the snow recently, mainly because it seems like good, safe fun. Anyway, as usual, I've become trapped in a frozen cave by a blizzard. Snow it piled up around the cave mouth, and I think some yeti are pointing and laughing at me from a much warmer cave across the way.
 I've managed to start a fire. It's a small fire, and frankly, I wouldn't use it to try and impress a woman or seduce a lamb or anything like that. But still, it was doing its duty and keeping me alive. Then, outside, a noise! A dog, barking, help?
 Something appeared at the mouth of the cave. I could make this description more interesting, but I know you'd like to get straight to action, so I'll just confirm that it was indeed a dog. A St. Bernard's, with a small barrel of brandy around its neck! I was saved!
Sure, it took me a while to roast the dog over the pitiful fire I'd made, but the brandy made for an excellent sauce to roast the mastiff in.
 In which to roast the mastiff, sorry. It's getting cold now, and I used the last of my energy to correct that grammatical error. God help me if I actually proof-read the rest of my blog.
 Was I going somewhere with this? Who knows...

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