Saturday, 31 July 2010

Something is still happening

Slipping into the building though an air vent had been easy. Dropping through the ceiling had been easy. Knocking out a guard who was already asleep and stealing his security pass had been easy. This, however, was not easy.
 The door had said "Secret! No entry!", so I'd entered. Seemed the logical choice. Now, however, I was trapped. Two guards, apparently called away for some reason, had taken up posts outside the door, and seemed to have no intention of leaving. They hadn't noticed me, but it was only a matter of time. The logical course, then, would be to keep going into the secret passage. Of course, life is not simple like that.
 The chains creaked, a wave running down their lengths to the wall. The brackets holding them in place gleamed, new I assumed, and therefore secure. Hopefully. Another wave snaked down the chain, leading the eye to the occupant of this fiendish ensnarement. There, restrained in the middle of the corridor, and elderly man. His body rippled and flexed as he moved, his aged grey skin stretched tight over the muscle underneath. Another of the elderly inhabitants of this place who had been cruelly experimented on.
 Searching out the maker of dimly-heard noises, the octogenarian guardian peered at me through his thick glasses. I acted quickly, fearing his reach from within his confinement of loose chains, or that he might alert the guards. Reaching into my pocket, I found some hard candy, which I threw past the aged beast. While he attempted to negotiate the wrapper of a Werther's Original, I sprinted past and headed down the corridor.
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