Monday, 4 May 2009

I picked up the newspaper, and was about to turn and go back into the house when I noticed something in the sky. As I watched, the something grew bigger, until a spaceship, around 4o foot long, landed on my front lawn. A hatch on top popped open, and two Martians - I know they were Martians, don't ask how - climbed down a ladder and walked towards me.
Fixing me with a curious look, the first one started to chatter in a language I didn't understand.
"I don't understand" I said, to clarify this point.
The second Martian reached into his/her/it's clothing, and I recoiled in fear. A few seconds later, it produced a picture of a Labrador puppy.
"I'm sorry," the first Martian said. "I had to adjust our translation matrix. I was just wondering if you had seen our dog? We only got him last week, and I'm afraid he slipped out of his lead when we were walking him."
I studied the picture, and replied that I had not seen their dog.
"Well, thank you anyway. Sorry to have taken up your morning."
I told them it was no trouble, and wished them luck. With that, they flew off and visited Mr. Reynolds at number 47.

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