Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I don't normally use this blog for a serious...

Purpose - apart from slagging off white supremists and such, which is vital work - but today, I'd like to make a vital appeal:
Does anyone have spare socks? I've run out of clean ones, and the washing machine is 6 flights of stairs away. I'm sure I had more socks, but I can't find the little buggers. I know someone stole them out of the washing machine once, because I found all my clothes in a big pile by the dryer. With my underwear on top.
People keep pointing at me and laughing. I think it's a conspiracy - they were all wearing socks.
Send whatever you can, thank you very much.

Celebrity endorsements follow soon.

1 comment:

Ben Tyson said...

Have you, by any chance, hired a butler called Blackadder? Cos that would explain it.

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