Thursday, 25 September 2008

It has been 10 days

In the last 10 days, I've been away. I know no-one follows this, so it's not like i was missed. Anyone who knows me will think this lack of posts is because i moved to Uni. Not so... Let us go back a 1 3/7 weeks...

I reached into the wardrobe. I didn't often do this, as i don't have many clothes, but do have a pretty shallow wardrobe. However, i fancied a change.
Loosing my balance, i tumbled slowly into the pit of clothing, and to my surprise, rolled out onto a mound of snow. Pulling myself to my feet, i quickly stumbled forwards, heading for a nearby lamp-post. A scruffy looking figure was nearby...
"Excuse me!" I called out "Is this Narnia? Are you a friendly fawn?"

Unfortunately, it turns out he wasn't. In fact, he was an aggressive tramp who stole my watch. It appears that the wall behind my wardrobe is pretty shit and I'd fallen into the street, concussed myself, and wandered dazed into the alleyway where i was mugged. I'd actually gotten pretty far, and spend the last 10 days working as a prostitute to pay for the taxi fare home.
It doesn't often snow in September.

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