Monday, 15 September 2008

Ding Dong!
The old familiar bell rang out, filling the corridors and rooms of my home. Bloody thing, the tramp must have sneaked it back in. Anyway, I headed to see what new horrors awaited me.

I failed to see the hidden cameramen when i opened the door, and just saw the 8 foot figure in a rather ill-fitting suit.
3 hours later, i watched the entire incident on Television.
Camera pans in on raucous studio audience, centering on the flamboyantly suited host on stage.
"Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!" He roars warmly. "Now, before the break, you saw that Steve [picture of Steve appears on screen] has to get into the home of an unwitting member of the public! Now, this task is difficult enough for your average monster made of decomposing body parts, but Steve is dressed as a Jehovah's Witness!"

Of course, it's easy to see how i was fooled. Steve was rather smartly dressed, standing at the door with his copy of Watchtower under one arm. Of course, if i looked closely, i would have seen the stitching around his neck and cranium. Still, one doesn't like to stare.
In the end, i let him in. He told me about God, then balloons fell out of the ceiling and he got a check for £5,000.
I was glad of the company really.

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Clarabell said...

wooo I can now leave u hate filled comments

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