Sunday, 27 June 2010

Max hasn't any superstrength anymore.

We went to the doctors - being, as we were, recently deceased. The doctor kindly explained that he had no understanding of necromancy, nor did he know how to stop the decay that had set in on our zombie corpses, but that Max had a high amount of steroids in his blood stream. Damn Satan, you wily trickster! Eliciting the number Max had used to summon the Devil himself, I placed a quick call.
 Out by the roadside, the Devil once again approached me. This time, he was dressed more casually, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He apologised - I'd caught him after work.
 "So," I asked, "You will give me anything - no questions asked - in return for my soul?"
 "Yea. Even these jeans!"
 "Ok then." I continued. "I Max and I to be brought fully back to life, none of this zombie crap. I also want our souls back, and a promise there'll be no ramifications from this."
 He threw a tantrum. A big one, for 2 hours. Then he met my demands. I don't imagine there'll be no comebacks from this, you can't expect to trick the devil and get away fine. But I've tangled with Gods and Demi-Gods, daemons and dragons, Godzilla and even those Apes from Planet of the Apes. I can deal with this.

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