Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bigfoot and Me

Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Bugerbear YowieImage via Wikipedia That should be "Bigfoot and I". I care not for your conventions...
 The train sped on through the tunnel, darkness hiding the man next to me. Trapped, afraid, I prepared for the spread of light that would signal his departure. Such was always the way of mythical figures on trains.
 But no! Light snaked up the train carriage, and he was still sat next to me. Dressed in a double-breasted pinstriped grey suit and fedora, Bigfoot looked every bit like a particularly hairy 1950s businessman.
 But, behind the dazzling joy of the 50s man was a sadness as deep as the ocean and as wide as a whale. His brown eyes, as deep as a whale and wide as a dolphin, cast down with the hint of a tear, as wet as a dolphin and as edible as tuna.
 His carpeted paws lifted as his whole body shook out a sigh, descending onto each leg. Reaching out, I patted him sympathetically on the left paw. He smiled slightly, sadly, a smile as deep as tuna. Then we parted ways.
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