Wednesday, 20 July 2011


  Over dinner, I stared into her eyes. Cold, emotionless. She stared back for a while, nibbling at her food.

 "We never talk any more." I said. What I meant was that she never talked any more. I still talked.

 "And we don't go out. I don't mind curling up in front of the fire, but we have to go out sometime. We never see anyone any more."

 She said nothing back. I was unsurprised but disappointed.

 "And you only show me affection when you want something. You showed the postman more affection last week."

 Still nothing.

 "And when you go to the toilet in the garden, I'm glad you cover it up, but could you be more careful in future? You dug up all my petunias.

 She meowed back at me.

 I smiled. It was progress.

 "You're a good girl really." I said, patting her on the head. "I just wish you wouldn't scratch the furniture."

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