Saturday, 25 April 2009

a haunting tale.

"I've gotta say, this is a great place! Lots of space, great view, low rent... How come it hasn't been snapped up already?"
The estate agent started to look worried. Adjusting his collar, he turned towards me.
"Well, Sir... The thing is, they say the place is haunted."
"Wow! Really? What by... murdered young girls? Old men with chains?"
"No sir, I'm afraid it's far worse than that." He replied, "It's the ghost of Zac Efron."
"But... he's not dead yet." I offered, hesitantly.
"What? Not dead?... Then he must be squatting here, the little bastard!"
With that, the estate agent rushed into a nearby cupboard and fetched a broom, before chasing the apparently unaging actor from the building.
You'd think he could afford a much better place than this...


Ben Tyson said...

If only he were dead...

Also, the "Oh dead" bit doesn't make sense!

Courtesy of your editor.

Alan McHardy said...

Brilliant!! I hate Zac Efron so I think I would probably chase him with a broom too....

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