Friday, 7 November 2008

An excuse for the next time i forget to blog

A cold wind blew in, rushing around my body and freezing my exterior body-parts. I looked around again, at the dead trees that offered little shelter against the onset of a malicious and bitter wind. Siberia: Cold, barren and cliched.
"We should keep moving," Ben muttered nearby
"Aye," I replied, "Probably..."
So we starting moving again. In the distance, a wolf howled sadly.

"Did i tell you i had a dream you were eaten by wolves?"
"Yes." Said I, "often in fact. It doesn't improve the situation."

We had been on the run for days now, always one step ahead of the ferocious creatures that chased us, for now. I didn't know how we'd gotten into this situation, but it seemed a good excuse for not blogging. Ben blamed Lizzie and Karen, but he always did, so that didn't help.

I watched the last embers of the fire go down, a few last sparks shooting into the sky as the former Leviathan died. I knew what was behind me before i heard the tell-tale twig snapping, and i turned to look into the ferocious maw the great beast that had been tracking us. Ben was moving over, reaching slowly for a rock. Unfortunately, the beast leaped, its claws cutting a deep gash into his chest. It turned, ready to finish me off, but stepped into the ash of the fire, dislodging burned out logs and sending fresh sparks into its face. Scared, the creature turned tail and fled. But it was too late for Ben.

He lay there, cradled in my arms. With a haggard sigh, he uttered his last words:
"Macs are good", then died.
I buried him nearby, and went home. It was too cold in Siberia anyway.

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